jpackage missing “mac.Appstore” bundle type

The old retired javapackager tool used to have 3 bundle types for mac os x:

  • dmg
  • pkg
  • mac.Appstore

But the new jpackage tool only has 2 types:

  • dmg
  • pkg

The mac.Appstore type was previously used when packaging the app to be submitted to Mac Appstore.
It would automatically find two certificates (installer and application) and use it to sign both the app and pkg files.

This option doesn’t seem to exist in the new jpackage tool.

My question: is there an option to build packages for Mac Appstore with jpackage that I somehow missed? Or is this option gone forever? If so then what’s the alternative?


I submitted request to include this feature in jpackage:

Update: This feature is added to JDK 17

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