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    public class Room extends java.lang.Object implements java.io.Serializable {

            public String description;
            public Map<String, Room> map;
            public List<Thing> things;

            //desc - Description for the room Note: any newlines in desc will be 
            replaced with *

            public Room(java.lang.String desc){
                this.description = desc;
            //A description of the room

            public java.lang.String getDescription(){
                return description;
            //any new line in s will be replaced with *

            public String replaceLine(String s){
                return s.replace("n", "*");

            //Change Room description Note: any newlines in s will be 
            //replaced with *
            //s - new Description

            public void setDescription(java.lang.String s){
                    this.description = replaceLine(s);

I am trying to write a Junit test for the last method:

    public void setDescription(java.lang.String s) {
        String input = "abcn";
        String expected = "abc";
        assertEquals(expected, input);

I know that it is not correct but I have no idea how to fix it. I am pretty new to Java and coding as a whole. Could someone please help me with this?


Here is your test:

  public void testSetDescription() {
    Room instance = new Room("test");
    assertEquals("abc*", instance.getDescription());

The assertEquals method is oveloaded and can be used in many ways. In this case we set in first place the expectation an on the second place what we really have (actual data) from the object. But in real life, most useful test is a test which check only single method, but in your case you call for one method but actually test other method. In real project you shouldn’t test getters and setters. Only business logic, because if you’ll test each method you will newer have time for main code.

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