Maven Dll Dependency Problem

I am developing a swing based desktop application and this application is using MediaInfo.dll library. I have first installed this dll to my local repository like described this answer. Then I have added a dependency in my pom.xml like this


I am using Maven 3.0.3 version and when I executed mvn install assembly:assembly it says

PlexusIoResourceCollection not found, no archiever found for dll

I am new to maven, so I am searching for a help before pulling my hear out .


This will depend on your assembly descriptor, but it seems like you have a <dependencySet> under which <unpack>true</unpack> is specified, that does not exclude the DLL from the set. Try adding this into that dependencySet element:


If you intend to incorporate the DLL dependencies without unpacking them, then you might need an additional dependencySet element that includes them and doesn’t specify the unpack flag. See for more information.

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