Multi-language debuggers

Some may remember old debuggers like Borland Turbo Debugger where your could seamlessly debug programs written in multiple languages like Pascal, C and Assembler. Nothing like that exists today for languages like Java and C++. I understand that the JVM and C++ are very different beasts, but full-featured debuggers exist for both languages and many systems today are written combining them, so there’s clearly a need there.

I don’t see any fundamental reason why it shouldn’t be possible to bring them together under one IDE. With a well-designed debugging platform it should be possible to integrate many other languages, even (why not) interpreted languages like Python. What am I missing?


Wikipedia describes the GNU debugger as

a portable debugger that runs on many Unix-like systems and works for many programming languages, including Ada, C, C++, Objective-C, Free Pascal, Fortran, Java and partially others.

Additionally, many UIs and IDEs on Unix-like systems can interface with gdb (the GNU Debugger), such as ddd (a visual debugger built on gdb) and eclipse and Code::Blocks (and others).

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