Oracle connection compression?

I have an application that uses JDBC to connect to Oracle 11g. Unfortunately, the machine my app is running on and the Oracle machine are connected via a somewhat low bandwidth connection. I haven’t sniffed the connection, but I am pretty sure the data streaming across the connection is not compressed. For my application, I’m more concerned about bandwidth than latency.

Is there any way to tell the JDBC driver and Oracle to compress the data going through the connection? Google comes up with a lot of answers for data file compression, but I couldn’t find anything about network protocol compression.

I’m using Oracle’s thin driver, but if this is only supported by the OCI driver, I could switch to that. Thanks for any suggestions!


To directly answer the question, the drivers (thin or OCI) have no such mechanism for compression. And since the data sent is likely in some funky binary format I’m not sure that it will compress well over SSL. Some other mechanism for improving network performance will need to be employed.

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