Organising Imports in NetBeans

Netbeans is able to organise imports in a similar fashion to eclipse, but:

  • it seems unable to remove unused imports for classes that can’t be resolved (and are no longer used)
  • I can only organise one class at a time – eclipse allows import organisation on packages and projects etc.

Is there some way that I can fix these problems?


I recently upgraded to Netbeans 6.7 and “fix imports” works the same as it did in 6.5. I’m not sure why this does not remove unresolved imports. I have been unable to find a bug case about this.

As far a getting “Fix Imports” to work for multiple classes, that is planned for Netbeans 6.8.

Planning for NetBeans 6.8 under the Java section.

(E) Format code and fix imports on
multiple files (code beautifier) (Max

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