Resolve variable name for MongoRepository in Spring

What is the correct method name for variable with _ in MongoRepository.

@Document(collection = "spring-history")
public class History {
    private Long record_id;

    //getter - setter

public interface HistoryRepository extends MongoRepository<History, String>{
    List<History> findAllByRecordid(Long recordId);

I got the following exception

Caused by: No property recordid found for type History! Did you mean 'record_id'?

I’ve tried following variable options but none of this working.

List<History> findAllByRecordId(Long recordId);
List<History> findAllByRecord_id(Long recordId);
List<History> findAllByRecord__id(Long recordId);


The exception says that there is No property recordid found for type History!.

This happens because your repository method written as findAllByRecordid is currently looking for a property recordid inside the History class.

What you have to do is to chang your History class accordingly; for example, you can change

private Long record_id;


private Long recordid;

However, since I suppose that record_id is a composed name variable, you should use the camel case convention and name it recordId.

Following the camel case convention, you have to also change the repository method to List<History> findByRecordId(Long recordId);

In this case, you have also to annotate the recordId with the @Field annotation in order to map the recordId property to the actual key in the MongoDB BSON document. for further details/information, you can give a look at Mapping annotation overview

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