RightCurlyBraceDifferentLineAsNextBlockCheck reported though not active

the rule squid:RightCurlyBraceDifferentLineAsNextBlockCheck is not active for the profile we are using

At least this is what I conclude when searching the rule. If under Quality Profile, I select active, it says No Coding Rules. If I select inactive, I do see the rule in the overview.

Clicking on the rule then shows this

enter image description here

So it has the button to active the rule, but nevertheless reports sonarqube 2222 violations for this rule, although it is not part of any ruleset. When clicking on them I do see the locations of the violations.

How can it be that although it seems to be inactive, it gets reported ?
And what do I need to do to completely silent this rule.

Thank you for any help


Deactivating a rule from a profile does not automatically close all issues created by that rule. For that to happen, an analysis is required on each of the relevant projects. Then old issues will be closed.

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