Spring Boot @Query: Order by named parameter

I like my REST-Api endpoint to be sortable by diffrent model attributes. I have googled a lot of solutions, but none of them fit to my requirements.

What I like to have is something like the following within my PagingAndSortingRepository interface:

    @Query(value = "SELECT v FROM vwFact v WHERE v.applicationId like %:applicationId% " +
            "and (v.mdName01 like :mdName% or v.mdName02 like :mdName% or v.mdName03 like :mdName% or v.mdName04 like :mdName%) " +
            "ORDER BY :sortParam :sortDir"
    Page<vwFact> findAllByApplicationIdAndMdName(
            @Param(value = "applicationId") String applicationId,
            @Param(value = "mdName") String mdName,
            @Param(value = "sortParam") String sortParam,
            @Param(value = "sortDir") String sortDir,
            Pageable pageable

Is there a chance to implement that, or do I have to do this I an other way. What would you recomment?


Pageable has an option to specify how to sort the results (both direction and params).

PageRequest(int page, int size, Sort sort) 
PageRequest(int page, int size, Sort.Direction direction, String... properties)