Testing using Jersey framework with reporting using Extentreports

I am new to testing, need to report testing results using extentreports,

below is the code for testing:

public ExtentReports reports;
public ExtentTest logger;

public ModelTests() {
    reports = new ExtentReports("acceptanceTest\reports\Report.html");

public void searchModelTest() throws JSONException, URISyntaxException {
    JSONObject jsonResponse = searchModel();                
    logger = reports.startTest("Test");
    logger.log(LogStatus.PASS, "Success");
    assertEquals("SOLAR SLEEVE 2014", jsonResponse.getString("modelName"));
    logger.log(LogStatus.FAIL, "Failure");

I do not see any report getting generated.

Will extentreport work with jersey framework, I have seen selenium examples.

Help will be appreciated.


Here is a checklist that you should follow:

  1. Create a new instance of ExtentReports.

    ExtentReports extent = new ExtentReports(file-path, replaceExisting);

  2. Name and describe the instance via the startTest method. Keep in mind, you are now creating a new instance of ExtentTest.

    ExtentTest test = extent.startTest(“Test Name”, “Sample description”);

  3. Log your results against your ExtentTest instance.

    test.log(LogStatus.PASS, “Step details”);

  4. End your test.


  5. Finally write everything to your document


Also, here is the documentation specifically for those implementing via Maven.

ExtentReports | Maven Documentation

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