Uploading Android Studio Java App To GitHub

So, ideally I want to have a single GitHub repository with multiple folders inside it, each folder containing a different Android Studio application. To give context, I am learning Java and I want a single repo to store all of my work.

Normally, I would drag and drop the folders into the browser and it would work just fine, but because so many files are generated (>100) I cannot use that method.

I have also tried using GitHub within Android Studio and I cannot get my desired outcome because each individual project needs its own individual repository and I cannot add other projects to an already existent GitHub repo.

I feel like there must be a simple answer somewhere that I am missing. I have worked in so many other languages with no issues like this at all.

Any help would go a long way, I just want to single repo to look back over to show all of my work.


Use the command line tools:

git add foldername
git commit -m "checkin message"
git push

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