Using Mockito ‘when’ in controller testing

I’m trying to test my controller method in Play framework 2.4.6. Inside my controller method, I have the following code:

User user = accountService.getUserByEmail(email);
if (user == null) {
  //Path A
//Path B

When running the test, user will be null. Hence I can’t test Path B. I tried returning a User using Mockito when, but it didn’t work either. Is there any other way of doing it?

Below is my test code:

    RequestBuilder request = new RequestBuilder()
            .bodyForm(ImmutableMap.of("email", "[email protected]"))

    when(accountService.getUserByEmail(anyString())).thenReturn(new User());

    assertEquals(OK, route(request).status());


Thanks to @Andriy for pointing me in the right direction for Dependency Injection.
I managed to solved the issue with the following setup.


public class TestClass {
Application application;

final AccountService accountServiceMock = mock(AccountService.class);

public void setup() {
    Module testModule = new AbstractModule() {
        public void configure() {

    GuiceApplicationBuilder builder = new GuiceApplicationLoader()
            .builder(new ApplicationLoader.Context(Environment.simple()))


public void testMethod() throws Exception {
    RequestBuilder request = new RequestBuilder()
            .session("userId", "1")

    running(application, () -> {
        assertEquals(OK, route(request).status());


public class AccountController extends Controller {
  private AccountService accountService;

  public Controller(AccountService a) {
      accountService = a;

  public Result addAccount() {
     boolean success = accountService.addAccount();


public interface AccountService {
   boolean addAccount();


public class AccountServiceImpl implements AccountService {
   public boolean addAccount() {

My knowledge is minimal on the concepts going on here, but roughly:

  • Controller is stateless just like HTML, hence you need runtime dependency injection to get Play to recognise the mock object.

Useful documentations:

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