Web Search API for 25000-50000 Entries

I have 20000-50000 entries in an excel file. One column contains the name of that company. Ideally, I would like search the name of that company, and whatever is the first result, I would select the URL associated with it. I am aware that Google (which my ideal choice) provides a AJAX Search API. However, it also has a 1000 search limit per registrant. Is there a way to get over 20000 searches without making 20 accounts with Google, or is there an alternative engine I could use?

Any alternative ways of approaching this problem are also welcome (i.e. WhoIs look-ups).


Google AJAX Search has no such limit of 1000. Yahoo Search does. Google AJAX Search limits you to getting 64 results per search but otherwise has no limit.

From Google AJAX Search API – Class Reference:

Note: The maximum number of results
pages is based on the type of
searcher. Local search supports 4
pages (or a maximum of 32 total
results) and the other searchers
(Blog, Book, Image, News, Patent,
Video, and Web) support 8 pages (for a
maximum total of 64 results).

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