Where do I put META-INF in Gradle?

I’m following the Appsrox tutorial on how to Create an Instant Messaging app using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). The differences are that I use Android Studio instead of Eclipse, and Gradle for build automation. I’ve tried to put META-INF inside ‘src/main’ folder but I got a warning from Google App Engine:

Warning:No META-INF/persistence.xml files were found in the CLASSPATH of the current thread!

EntityManager crashes during the initialization process, cause it can’t find ‘persistence.xml’.

I’m looking for a simple answer to what should be a simple issue: where do I put META-INF folder?


In Gradle based project place the META-INF folder containing ‘persistence.xml’ in ‘/src/main/resources’. (The same is true for a Maven based project)

Find more about Standard Directory Layout here.