Why is my SecurityWebFilterChain not being invoked?

I just started to learn Spring’s new reactive programming model and for this reason I tried to write a very basic webservice.

This is my application configuration:

public class ReactiveSpringApplication {

    public static void main(final String[] args) {
        SpringApplication.run(ReactiveSpringApplication.class, args);

    public ReactiveUserDetailsService userDetailsService() {
        final UserDetails admin = User.withDefaultPasswordEncoder().username("admin").password("password").roles("ADMIN").build();
        final UserDetails user = User.withDefaultPasswordEncoder().username("user").password("password").roles("USER").build();

        return new MapReactiveUserDetailsService(admin, user);

    public SecurityWebFilterChain securityWebFilterChain(final ServerHttpSecurity httpSecurity) {
        return httpSecurity

    public HttpHandler httpHandler() {
        final RouterFunction<ServerResponse> routes = route(GET("/"), serverRequest ->
                ServerResponse.ok().body(just("{"message":"Hello world!"}"), String.class));

        return RouterFunctions.toHttpHandler(routes);


And this are my dependencies for now:


When I make a GET request to http://localhost:8080/ I get a 200 OK response wit {"message":"Hello world!"} inside the body. However, I would expect a 401 Unauthorized response. The MatcherSecurityWebFilterChain that is built inside the securityWebFilterChain() method is not being invoked and thus no security rules are enforced.

What do I have to change in order to fix this issue?


By declaring your own HttpHandler, you are taking things into your own hands.

If you wish to leverage the Spring Boot + Spring Security support, you should instead declare RouterFunction beans and those will be mapped automatically.

See the Spring Framework reference documentation on that point.

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