Access all Laravel routes in Vue template

I’m basically trying to create some sort of a dynamic table using Vue in Laravel. I have created the table successfully and grabbing data via jquery’s $.getJSON method. I really want to have a link inside the table which would point to a URL by using Laravel’s route() method as I have many different routes that i would like to use.

Example in this case is that the table contains a list of all users, and I would like to have a view user link on each user. But i cannot access Laravel’s route() inside of a Vue component.

To make this a very short question: Is there any way to access all the routes Laravel has besides adding a single route to the attributes field on the template like so:

<user-table-component dataRoute="{{ route('datatable.users') }}">

I am open for suggestions as to how I go forth about fixing this another way. Also, here is the template:


                <td v-for="header in json.headers" :key="header">{{ header }}</td>

            <tr v-for="user in" :key="user">
                <td><a href="THIS WOULD BE AN VIEW USER LINK">{{ }}</a></td>
                <td>{{ }}</td>
                <td>{{ user.created_at }}</td>


    module.exports = {
        name: 'user-table-component',
        props: ['dataroute'],

        data: function(){
            return {
                json: []

        // This is auto-run when the Vue app is booted up
        mounted() {

            // Closure to accept component in the callback below
            var self = this;
            $.getJSON(this.dataroute, function(json) {
                self.json = json;


Use this

Then in Javascript you can use route('')

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