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JavaScript getters and setters can be overridden for specific properties using Object.defineProperty. Is there some way to access the default getter/setter (i.e. the function used if the getter/setter has not been overwritten)? In my custom setter I want to have special processing in some cases, but use the default processing in others. I tried:

Object.defineProperty(obj, 'foo',
  'set': function(val) {
    if (useCustom) {
      doCustomProcessing(obj, 'foo', val);
    else {
      obj['foo'] = val;

Unfortunately this leads to a stack overflow since obj['foo'] = val; causes the custom setter to be invoked. So I’d like to find a way to set the foo property of obj using the default setter. Is this possible?


As far as I know, a property either has a value (data property), or it has getter/setter (accessor property): it cannot have both. Use a local variable under closure, or another property, as an underlying storage for properties where you have a getter/setter defined.

For example,

(function() {
    var value;
    Object.defineProperty(obj, 'foo', {
      set: function(val) {
        if (useCustom) {
          value = doCustomProcessing(obj, 'foo', val);
        } else {
          value = val;
      get: function() { return value; }
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