An addEventListener with keydown results in an empty string upon the first key in a textarea

I have a textarea tag that takes in values to use for something else. When I press on a key, the value of it is an empty string. However, the keys pressed after the first key show up just fine. For instance, if I type, “hello” the value would be, “ello”. I want it so the value of the first key would show up.

Here’s my code,

const editor = document.getElementById(‘editor’);
editor.addEventListener('keydown', (event => {
    let value = editor.value;

This is my HTML for the textarea, in case if needed,

<textarea autofocus id="editor"></textarea>



To see all the characters as you type use the keyup rather than keydown as the event type.

editor.addEventListener('keyup',function(e) {
    let value = this.value;
    let preview=document.getElementById('preview');
<textarea autofocus id="editor"></textarea>
<div id='preview'></div>