Axios and fetch both in Reactjs are making continuous localhost network request

This is the route code form express backend and MongoDB database and normal call from frontend with fetch("/") it was returning index.html code and on adding fetch("http://localhost:9000") it was returning CORS Error so I added app.use(cors()).

router.get("/", async (req, res) => {
  Journal.find({}, function (err, journals) {
    if (err) {
      res.send("Something went wrong");

This is the axios and fetch request made from reactjs frontend, on making fetch and axios call on “/” as at the backend nothing was coming up only index.html code was being returned so therefore I started using “http://localhost:9000” then data was coming but this localhost problem came up.

const [journals, setJournals] = useState([
    { title: "Day 1", content: content_string },

  useEffect(() => {

  // const getJournalData = async () => {
  //   try {
  //     const res = await fetch("http://localhost:9000/");

  //     const data = await res.json();

  //     setJournals(data);
  //     console.log(data);
  //   } catch (err) {
  //     console.error(err);
  //   }
  // };

  const getJournalData = () => {

      .then((res) => {
      .catch((err) => console.error(err));

This is chrome-dev-tools network tab:

Chrome-dev-tools network tab

Console Content

Console Content

React is working at localhost:3000 Express is working on locahost:9000

proxy:http://localhost:9000 is added in package.json in frontend react app

Please tell me what is goind and how can I fix it. Thankyou


Without using an array of dependencies, every change will trigger your useEffect to run again.

So every re-render, every changing state will cause you to create another Api calls.

Let’s talk about variant useEffect:

useEffect(() => {
  // invoking on every re-render

useEffect(() => {
  // invoking on component did mount (once)
}, [])

useEffect(() => {
  // invoking on component did mount and with every change on counter
}, [counter])

So, change your code:

  useEffect(() => {
  }, []);