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enter image description hereI need to call a JS function when user closing the browser tab. the problem is i want to happen this only when user closing the browser. no need to happen for page refresh, link navigation,form submit and back button press. i tried the below jquery code so far.

 function() { 
   alert("don't close me");
   return false;
 $('form').submit(function() {

its not working. can anyone answer for this. is there any other js tools than jquery available for this?.

And if i call my function “beforeunload” event, above message is coming. i don’t want to show this message and my function has to be worked. i tried by giving e.preventDefault. but it’s not calling my function also when i used that. can anybody suggest something. Thanks.


I agree with the comments that this is a bad practice, but I can’t resist the call to attempt answering the question.

The only way I can think of to accomplish this is to use onbeforeunload, which you’re already doing. But you need a way of disabling that alert when someone navigates away from the page by some other means.

var show_close_alert = true;

$("a").bind("mouseup", function() {
    show_close_alert = false;

$("form").bind("submit", function() {
    show_close_alert = false;

$(window).bind("beforeunload", function() {
    if (show_close_alert) {
        return "Killing me won't bring her back...";

It’s not foolproof, as in there are ways to close the browser without seeing the alert (like clicking a link, hitting Stop immediately, and then closing the browser), but it may be as close as you can get.

Here’s a fiddle.

But please… don’t do this.

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