Can I change toolbar language in grapesjs?

I use grapejs, and I need to change the text language. There is ‘i81n’ for labels, but I couldn’t find anything for inputs like this as you can see i change the label language with i18n but selectbox’s options are still english Also if it’s possible, As you can see in the pic I need to change the placeholder for text input and the title ‘text’ above it


I Found how to change inputs. You have to change your props one by one. You can find the details in

And for the second issue you have to add your i18n file domComponents. in my scenario it’s like this

var _default = {domComponents: {
names: {
  '': 'Kutu',
  wrapper: 'Gövde',
  text: 'Metin',
  comment: 'Yorum',
  image: 'Görsel',
  video: 'Video',
  label: 'Etiket',
  link: 'Link',
  map: 'Harita',
  tfoot: 'Tablo alt',
  tbody: 'Tablo gövde',
  thead: 'Tablo başlık',
  table: 'Tablo',
  row: 'Satır',
  cell: 'Hücre'

Document for this is here :