Cannot make outbound call using Twilio Client quickstart starter app

I followed the Twilio Client JS Quickstart and setup a local instance of the starter app, but cannot successfully make outbound calls using my trial number. Upon calling a verified number, I hear the demo message from the client and a single ring before the call ends, and my verified number never shows an incoming call. The browser client says the call was successful, but my browser console shows no errors and the Twilio console debugger only shows a Schema validation warning (12200). I enabled Twilio.Device‘s debug setting – the log reads:

[Device] Setting up PStream
[WSTransport] Opening socket
[WSTransport] attempting to connect
[WSTransport] Socket opened
[PStream] Setting token and publishing listen
[Device] Stream is ready
Calling +17869735640...
[Twilio.PeerConnection] signalingState is "have-local-offer"
[Twilio.PeerConnection] signalingState is "stable"
[Twilio.PeerConnection] iceConnectionState is "checking"
[Twilio.PeerConnection] iceConnectionState is "completed"
[Connection] Received HANGUP from gateway
[Connection] Disconnecting...
[Twilio.PeerConnection] iceConnectionState is "closed"
[Twilio.PeerConnection] signalingState is "closed"

The docs suggest I should be able to make this call with my trial account – have the trial functionality limits changed?


Twilio developer evangelist here.

Your TwiML, that you added in the comments, is indeed incorrect. There is no number attribute on <Dial>. You should either add the number as the content of the <Dial> or embed a <Number> within. Like this:

  <Dial callerId="+1987654321">+1234567890</Dial>

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