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I’m trying to print the contents of my digest variable but not having any luck. The below is the code I have. I’ve read a few tutorials and can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  // Store Credentials
  var userName = "username";
  var sharedSecret = "secret";

  // Build Header
    var date = new Date();
    var nonce = md5(Math.random());
    var nonce_ts = date.toISOString().replace(/(.dddZ)/ ,'Z');
    var digest = (new Buffer(sha1(nonce + nonce_ts + sharedSecret)).toString('base64'));


It was taken from nodeJS and I am trying to make it javascript.


It was taken from nodeJS and I am trying to make it JavaScript.

Then you need to make sure md5, sha1 and Buffer are ported over to your JavaScript environment. These aren’t normally available in a browser.

The reason you’re not getting an alert window, is because the code is crashing on those function. You can easily see that by opening your browser’s developer console (Usually F12)

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