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I’m trying to show the chart’s information on doughnut chart in % using Chart.js. In this chart it will always contain two parts on each section I need to show the % values. Here is my code

       var ctx = document.getElementById("databaseAdded").getContext("2d"),
           myChart = new Chart(ctx, {
                 type: 'doughnut',
                 data: {
                datasets: [{
                data: [$scope.graphData.databaseAdded.syspercent, 
                backgroundColor: [
                borderColor: [
                borderWidth: 1
               options: {
                   showDatasetLabels : true,
                   cutoutPercentage: 41,
                   legend: {
                            display: true, 
                            labels: {
                              fontFamily: "myriadpro-regular",
                              boxWidth: 15,
                              boxHeight: 2,

One more thing is Legend information is different and label information is different. Legend I can able to get, But I’m facing problem on getting Label Info. Below I upload image that how labels will look like. Please take a look. click for Image

Thanks for everything!


You can use the library “Chart PieceLabel“.

After you add the script, you probably should add another option: “pieceLabel”.

Define how you like.

pieceLabel: {
// mode 'label', 'value' or 'percentage', default is 'percentage'
mode: (!mode) ? 'value' : mode,

// precision for percentage, default is 0
precision: 0,

// font size, default is defaultFontSize
fontSize: 18,

// font color, default is '#fff'
fontColor: '#fff',

// font style, default is defaultFontStyle
fontStyle: 'bold',

// font family, default is defaultFontFamily
fontFamily: "'Helvetica Neue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif"

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