`className` did not match. Server:

I am using NextJS getServerSideProps to fetch data and the page is rendering correctly with the data. So this works fine except when rendering a dynamic classname property on a html element I am getting the following error:

Prop `className` did not match. Server: "" Client: "dark"

when rendering the following component:

function Header(props: { darkMode: boolean }) {
  const [darkMode, setDarkMode] = useState(props.darkMode);
  return (
      <div className={(darkMode ? "dark" : "")}></div>   
 export default Header;

When debugging I can see that darkMode is true but the div element is still rendered without the className, assuming it’s due to the error descriped above.

I am actually using MaterialUI although this element is not an materialUI element.

I have specified .bablerc like this:

  "presets": ["next/babel"],
  "plugins": [["styled-components", { "ssr": true }]]

Any idea why I am getting this error?


It seem like the issue is the same as the one mentioned here. If that’s the case, I have posted the answer there

The className mismatch is related to how React syncs up the DOM node after a page is server-side rendered. Since React will only patch/sync the text context for the node and className is an attribute. A warning is triggered.