Command is working, but also getting ‘interaction failed’ at the same time?

Title might be a little confusing so here’s a screenshot of what’s happening when I type a command:

enter image description here

It works, but then it fails at the same time. I get no errors from this interaction. Here’s my code:

const { SlashCommandBuilder } = require("@discordjs/builders");
const { MessageEmbed } = require("discord.js");

module.exports = {
  data: new SlashCommandBuilder()
    .setDescription("Send your suggestion to the specified channel")
    .addStringOption((option) =>
        .setDescription("Your suggestion")
  async execute(interaction) {
    let suggestion = interaction.options.getString("suggestion");
    const embed = new MessageEmbed()
      .setTitle(`New suggestion by ${interaction.member.displayName}`)
        embeds: ,
      .then(function (interaction) {


Try deferring the reply. More info on it here

For example,

const wait = require('util').promisify(setTimeout);

client.on('interactionCreate', async interaction => {
    if (!interaction.isCommand()) return;

    if (interaction.commandName === 'ping') {
        await interaction.deferReply();
        await wait(4000);
        await interaction.editReply('Pong!');