Convert JS Object to form data

How can I can convert my JS Object to FormData?

The reason why I want to do this is, I have an object that I constructed out of the ~100 form field values.

var item = {
   description: 'Some Item',
   price : '0.00',
   srate : '0.00',
   color : 'red',

Now I am asked to add the upload file functionality to my form which, of-course is impossible via JSON and so I am planning on moving to FormData. So is there any way that I can convert my JS object to FormData?


If you have an object, you can easily create a FormData object and append the names and values from that object to formData.

You haven’t posted any code, so it’s a general example;

var form_data = new FormData();

for ( var key in item ) {
    form_data.append(key, item[key]);

    url         : '',
    data        : form_data,
    processData : false,
    contentType : false,
    type: 'POST'
    // do stuff

There are more examples in the documentation on MDN

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