Create new ul after every two elements with React

I am making a food ordering website. On the frontpage I get all food images from my database and then as you see on the code below, I use to render all the images. The problem is, I want to have a maximum of two images inside the ul tag, but right now all the images are put into one single ul. So if there was 6 images, there would also be 3 ul.

<div className="cards__wrapper">
          <ul className="cards__items">
            {docs &&
     => (


You can split the array to the required chunks and render the data based on that. I have made a example for that. you can check this

Split Function

 var chunks = function (array, size = 2) {
    var results = [];
    while (array.length) {
      results.push(array.splice(0, size));
    return results;

 const data = chunks(lists, 2);

Render :

   {, index) => {
        return (
            {, cindex) => {
              return <li>{c + index + cindex}</li>;

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