Cross-Browser Method to Determine Vertical Scroll Percentage in Javascript

How can I find out what percentage of the vertical scrollbar a user has moved through at any given point?

It’s easy enough to trap the onscroll event to fire when the user scrolls down the page, but how do I find out within that event how far they have scrolled? In this case, the percentage particularly is what’s important. I’m not particularly worried about a solution for IE6.

Do any of the major frameworks (Dojo, jQuery, Prototype, Mootools) expose this in a simple cross-browser compatible way?


Oct 2016: Fixed. Parentheses in jsbin demo were missing from answer. Oops.

Chrome, Firefox, IE9+. Live Demo on jsbin

var h = document.documentElement, 
    b = document.body,
    st = 'scrollTop',
    sh = 'scrollHeight';

var percent = (h[st]||b[st]) / ((h[sh]||b[sh]) - h.clientHeight) * 100;

As function:

function getScrollPercent() {
    var h = document.documentElement, 
        b = document.body,
        st = 'scrollTop',
        sh = 'scrollHeight';
    return (h[st]||b[st]) / ((h[sh]||b[sh]) - h.clientHeight) * 100;

If you prefer jQuery (original answer):

$(window).on('scroll', function(){
  var s = $(window).scrollTop(),
      d = $(document).height(),
      c = $(window).height();

  var scrollPercent = (s / (d - c)) * 100;
html{ height:100%; }
body{ height:300%; }
<script src=""></script>