Difference Between Database Date and Today’s Date Code Answer

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I am developing a website that allow user to see their equipments and know how much days passed till the repair started.

But i am having trouble getting the DATABASE information about the date. I registered a column DATE and i made it TIMESTAMP with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP so it can automaticly atribut the date that joined the system.

I am using a script to get today’s date and i put it in a table so it can show the user:

var days = new Date(); 
document.getElementById("days").innerHTML = days.toISOString().substr(0, 10); 

Then i called a function that gets all equipment info ( client name, DATE, Type, etc…):

$da = new DataAccess();
$res = $da->getEquipmentInfo();
while($row = mysqli_fetch_object($res)){
echo " <td id='days'></td> "; }

How do i make to calculate the difference between the database columns DATE and today’s date to know how much days passed?

Thank you.


Convert both dates into unix and then find the difference between them and depending on if you want days, weeks, minutes, ect. you will have to convert. I dont have enough information for on your code and all your javascript to do it for you but here is a php example.

   $now = time(); 
   $db_unix = strtotime($res->theMysqlTimestamp);
   $datediff = $now - $db_unix;
   echo floor($datediff/(60*60*24));

This takes the date now, your timestamp from mysql gets the unix timestamps, subtracts them, and then calculates the days difference between them.

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