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cart.js this is not working nothing is printed in the console or some declaration is wrong answer quickly

var updateBtns = document.getElementsByClassName('update-cart')

for(var i=0 ; i<updateBtns.length ; i++)
        var productId = this.dataset.product
        var action = this.dataset.action


is there any mistake in html code

 {% for product in products %}
    {% if product.category == "Dosa" %}
    <div class="product">        
      <td><h5>{{ }}</h5></td>
      <td><h5>{{ product.price }}</h5></td>
      <td><button data-product={{}} data-action="add" class="btn btn-warning btn-add update-cart">Add to cart</button></td>
    {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}


enter image description here

Seems to be working perfectly. I would suggest to please check once in incognito/Private mode. Might be a problem of cache…

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