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I have a list where each li has unique data-id.

<ul class="list">
  <li class="list__el"
      *ngFor="let item of cars"
      data-id="{{ }}">

In JS I would wrote

let myLi = document.querySelector(`.list__el[data-id="${}"]`)

How to correctly rewrite it for Angular?


Use @ViewChildren and a template reference such as #listItem.

template: `<ul class="list">
  <li #listItem class="list__el"
      *ngFor="let item of cars"
      data-id="{{ }}">
export component MyComponent implements AfterViewInit {

  // Note that the parameter here relates to the #listItem in the template.
  public listItems!: QueryList<ElementRef<HTMLLIElement>>

  public ngAfterViewInit() {
      this.listItems.find(itm => 
        itm.nativeElement.getAttribute('data-id') === 'my-element-id'

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