ESlint – import.meta causes Fatal Parsing Error

Using the Atom editor, with the linter-eslint package installed, I have a node.mjs script that uses ES6 module’s import statement to import various node modules.

The script runs fine when I run it with node’s –experimental-modules flag. However, while editing with Atom, linter-eslint says:

Parsing error: Unexpected token import (Fatal)

This parsing error is NOT being caused by the ecmascript “import” statements that I have at the top of my code file. Instead, it is actually caused by the fact that eslint considers “import” a reserved token that can only be used in import statements and therefore cannot be used by the import.meta object (as shown in this code line below):

const __dirname = path.dirname(new URL(import.meta.url).pathname);

My .eslintrc.js file has these parser options:

    'ecmaVersion': 2018,
    'sourceType': 'module'

How can I configure eslint to ignore this particular error?


I just came across this issue too. Support for import.meta was added in eslint 7.2.0 (June 2020) however in order to make it work I had to edit .eslintrc.json and change ecmaVersion from 2018 to 2020.