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I am trying to add custom user claims after user sign up, to define user role, using setCustomUserClaims:


export default async (req, res) => {
  const { displayName, email, password, role } = req.body;

  if (!displayName || !password || !email || !role) {
    return res.status(400).send({ message: 'Missing fields' });

  try {
    const { uid } = await admin.auth().createUser({
    await admin.auth().setCustomUserClaims(uid, role);
  } catch (error) {
    handleError(res, error);

This code checks for any change in the authentication state and sets user to the currently logged in user:


useEffect(() => {
    const unsubscribe = firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged((user) => {
      if (user) {
      } else {
        // Router.push('/login');

in my /pages/user/home,jsx:

import { useAuth } from '../../utils/use-auth';

function home() {
  const { user } = useAuth();

  return (
      <pre>{JSON.stringify(user, null, 4)}</pre>
        <AdminLayout componentProps={{ selected: '1' }} Component={HomeContent} />

The displayed object doesn’t have any custom claims. when I check the firebase console, I find that the user is actually added.


Try using

admin.auth().setCustomUserClaims(uid, claims).then(() => {
// Do your stuff here

And verify the claims like

admin.auth().verifyIdToken(idToken).then((claims) => {
// check claims
  if (claims) { 
  // do your stuff here

for more info check

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