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Hi i am using FullCalendar in a laravel project and i need to display the events from the database.

I get all the events from the database and display them using json_encode.

There is the code i use :

My controller :


namespace AppHttpControllers;
use AppHttpGestionnairesEventGestionnaire;
use IlluminateHttpRequest;

class EventController extends Controller
    public function afficher(){

        $eventGestionnaire = new EventGestionnaire;
        $listeEvents = $eventGestionnaire->getListeEvents();

        echo json_encode($listeEvents);

        return view('pages.calendar');


And my script :


    viewRender: function(view, element) {
        if (view.name != 'month'){



    resourceEditable: true,
    eventLimit: true,
    editable: true,
    selectable: true,
    selectHelper: true,
    header: {
        left: 'month,agendaWeek,agendaDay',
        center: 'title',
        right: 'prev,next,today'

    events: 'EventController.php',

The error :

jquery.min.js:3049 GET http://localhost/planner/public/EventController.php?start=2019-09-01&end=2019-10-13&_=1568831263931 404 (Not Found)


From FullCallendar V3 DOCS to pass URL with JSON response use


  eventSources: [

    // your event source
      url: '/myfeed.php', // use the `url` property
      color: 'yellow',    // an option!
      textColor: 'black'  // an option!

    // any other sources...


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