Get selected text separated by lines

I am trying to get the selected text separated by lines to make a VSCODE Extension.

    const document = editor.document;
    const selection = editor.selection;
    const position = editor.selection.end;
    const word = document.getText(selection);

I didnt find the command to separate the selection in array for example.

Someone has the solution and the link of the API, for document constructor ?

I tried a .split(“/n”) without result too.


You can use regex to identify the newline. In Unix and Windows systems there are two types of characters that can cause newlines.

  • CR or r – Carriage Return (Windows)
  • LF or n – Line Feed (Unix)

So in you system you should split the selected string by both chracters.

const splittedStringArray = selectedText.split(/r?n/);