Google maps v3 polyline tooltip

A google maps marker object (google.maps.Marker) has a title property, so when a user moves their mouse over the marker a simple tooltip is displayed.

There isn’t a title property on a polyline (google.maps.Polyline). Is there a way I can do this / simulate this in V3? I could do this in V2, and I can’t find an example for V3.


If i’m not mistaken i don’t think it is possible to set the tooltip since as you mentioned there is not a title property in PolygonOptions object.But you can make a div that looks exactly the same as the tooltip and place it let’s say in the tip of your mouse during the mousemove event.I tried also to find a solution to place this tooltip somewhere in the center of the polygon but i think it is too much of a trouble that’s why i also think the google guys didn’t implement it also.