griddle-react API not found

Thanks in advance. I took over an old project and have to fix some problems. It’s using the griddle-react, and the code like this:

 import Griddle from 'griddle-react';

          externalSetPage={ this.setSearchPage }
          externalChangeSort={ noop }
          externalSetFilter={ noop }
          externalSetPageSize={ noop }
          externalMaxPage={ this.state.totalPages }
          externalCurrentPage={ this.state.currentPage }
          useGriddleStyles={ false }
          tableClassName="table table-bordered data-table"
          results={ this.state.listings }
          columns={ columns }
          columnMetadata={ columnMetadatas }
          noDataMessage="No search result"

But when I looked through the official doc, I found nothing about columnMetadata, columns

I checked the package.json file:

  "griddle-react": "0.6.0",

Am I going to the wrong place? Or has the version0.6 been deprecated?Where could I find that version0.6 API documentation?


Here is their old doc link

If it does not help another option is to look at the source code in their GitHub. Here is a version 0.6.0 tag.

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