Having trouble accessing the properties of the objects in my array in Javascript Code Answer

I currently have this function that populates an array with objects with 2 properties, color and angle.

function populateArray() {
  let lines = [];
  let numOfLines = 200;
  let colorArray = [

  for (let i = 0; i < numOfLines; i++) {
    let randomColorNumber = getRandomInt(colorArray.length);
    let randomColor = colorArray[randomColorNumber];
    let randomAngle = getRandomFloat(10, 20);
    if (i % 2 === 1) {
      randomAngle = randomAngle * -1;
    lines.push([{ color: randomColor, angle: randomAngle }]);
  return lines;

That is working just fine, and when I console.log(lines) I get the array of objects perfectly.

I can even do console.log(lines[0]), and that works fine. It returns something like this: {color: "#f5680e", angle: -13.180879351807855}.

But, when I try to access the properties of an index, it returns undefined. For example, console.log(lines[0].color) returns undefined.

This is my problem, I need to access these values, but I can’t. It’s weird though, as I can access the whole object itself, and there is only one function that populates my array, and no asynchronous calls are being made.

Thank you for the help.


Push object: lines.push({…}); not array lines.push([…]);

lines.push({ color: randomColor, angle: randomAngle });

or log lines[0][0].color

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