Highcharts word cloud – Make a link to each word

I have made a word cloud referencing this demo. https://codesandbox.io/s/yz3t3

Now my problem is how to make a link to each words made by highcharts word cloud like this page. https://ftmscan.com/topstat#Token

When you toggle any text in word cloud on that site, you will be redirected to the other page. How to make such a link to each text – that’s what I am asking.

I was struggling to do this for several days but there seems like no answer anywhere. Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance.



Make the series clickable and then check the click-event for details on what exactly was clicked.

event.point seems to hold the most relevant information. It has an ID, a name, a category, etc. You should be able to use some of that information to find which word it is that was clicked.

Working example:

const options = {
  series: [
      type: "wordcloud",
      data: data,
      events: {
        click: e => {
          /* Do stuff here, based on e.point.name */