How can I dynamically enable/disable series tooltip based on point condition

I have a chart with a lot of series, showing all series on tooltips is not a good solution, because chart div is small and it makes some tooltips to get cropped from plotArea.

Each series of the data correspond to a year, and each point of each series is a month. In my case I have series from the last couple decades. The solution I found would be to display for each point (month) only the last 2 years (2 most important series being analyzed) and the series with minimum and maximum values.
I couldn’t find anything on docs to help me achieve this, using enableMouseTracking disable the series completely from tooltip, I think I would need to enable/disable it dynamically, is there a custom tooltip workaround to implement my idea?

I managed to print only the values I want, does anybody know a way to remove those empty tooltips? I’m returning null using pointFormatter on their case.
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I achieved what I wanted returning false


I achieved what I wanted returning false