How can I execute a function on pressing the enter key in an field?

I have an input and I’d simply like to add an event listener for it to activate a function when I press enter, when the input is focused. How do I do this with pure JS?

Right now I have:


Enter your wage:<input type="text" id="wage" value ="" size=20>
<button id="sub">Submit</button>


var wage = document.getElementById("wage");
wage.addEventListener("change", validate);

var btn = document.getElementById("sub");
btn.addEventListener("click", validate);

So basically the function validate() activates when I click OR change the text, but I want to call it by pressing enter.


You can use this:

var wage = document.getElementById("wage");
wage.addEventListener("keydown", function (e) {
    if (e.code === "Enter") {  //checks whether the pressed key is "Enter"

function validate(e) {
    var text =;
    //validation of the input...

Live demo here