How can i get the Id of the Todo Code Answer

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am trying to delete am item by id but i keep get error, that each child should have a unique key after giving a it an id, what am i doing wrongly, why am i not getting the id

const TodoList = () => {

    const [input, setInput] = useState("");
    const [todos, setTodos] = useState([])

    const handleSubmit = e => {


        setTodos([...todos, input])

    const handleDelete = id => {

       let item =  todos.filter(todo => !== id)

    //    setTodos(item)

  return (
  <div className='todolist'>
      <h2>Todo List</h2>
          <input value={input} onChange={e => setInput(} placeholder='write something' />
          <button onClick={handleSubmit}>Add todo</button>
      { => (

          <div key={}  className='todolist__details'>
              <DeleteIcon onClick={() => handleDelete(} />

export default TodoList;


 {, i) => {
        <div key={i}  className='todolist__details'>
              <DeleteIcon onClick={() => handleDelete(} />

You can check how list and keys work in react in here

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