How can I scrape a button that does not return a value

I am trying to scrape from the website There is a “next” button that I want to click and scrape the contents. The problem is the xpath or css selector of that button does not return any value in neither the scrapy shell nor splash and I am stuck. I can’t get in to scrape what I need to. Please any help? This is how far I have been able to come but I’m not getting the right results.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import scrapy import scrapy_selenium from scrapy_selenium import SeleniumRequest

class VisionSpider(scrapy.Spider): name = ‘vision’

def start_requests(self):
    yield SeleniumRequest(
        url= '',

def parse(self, response): 
    businesses = response.xpath(
        "//a[@class='link--1t8hM gtm-home-category-link-click']")
    for business in businesses:
        link = business.xpath(".//@href").get()
        category = business.xpath(".//div[2]/p/text()").get()

        yield response.follow(url=link, callback=self.parse_business, meta={'business_category': category})

def parse_business(self, response):
    category = response.request.meta['business_category']
    rows = response.xpath("//a[@class='card-link--3ssYv gtm-ad-item']")
    for row in rows:
        new_link = row.xpath(".//@href").get()

        yield response.follow(url=new_link, callback=self.next_parse, meta={'business_category': category})

    next_page = response.xpath("//div[@class = 'action-button--1O8tU']")
    if next_page:
        button =
        yield SeleniumRequest(

def next_parse(self, response):
    category = response.request.meta['business_category']
    lines = response.xpath("//a[@class='member-link--IzDly gtm-visit-shop']")
    for line in lines:
        next_link = line.xpath(".//@href").get()

        yield response.follow(url=next_link, callback=self.another_parse, meta={'business_category': category})

def another_parse(self, response):
    category = response.request.meta['business_category']
    button = response.xpath("//button[@class = 'contact-section--1qlvP gtm-show-number']").click()
    yield response.follow(url=button, callback=self.new_parse, meta={'business_category': category})

def new_parse(self, response):
    category = response.request.meta['business_category']
    times = response.xpath("//div[@class='info-container--3pMhK']")
    for time in times:
        name = time.xpath(".//div/span/text()").get()
        location = time.xpath(".//div/div/div/span/text()").get()
        phone = time.xpath(".//div[3]/div/button/div[2]/div/text()").get()

        yield {
            'business_category': category,
            'business_name': name,
            'phone': phone,
            'location': location


If you check source HTML in your browser you’ll find that content you’re interested in is loaded using Javascript. Check Chrome Developer Tools to find correct Network call:`top_ads=2&spotlights=5&sort=date&order=desc&buy_now=0&urgent=0&categorySlug=electronics&locationSlug=ghana&category=644&page=2&filter_json=[]`

Just iterate over all pages using &page=2 and parse results using json module.