How do i get the closest next date in an array of dates using moment js?

Ok i need to get the closest date (hours/minutes) in this array of dates, no matter how far the date is from the current day, say like right now is 13:55PM and this array has


so the closest one here is the 14:20, if the current time is 15:31, the next closest date from this new current time is the 22:05, no matter how far the date is (today), the next closest date is the next one, problem is, whenever i run this code, it keeps telling me the next one is 15:30, if the current time is 7:20 as an example, the next closest date is guess what, 15:30 🙁

this is the code i’m running

  getFechaSiguiente() {
    // Current time in millis
    const now = +Moment(Moment().format('HH:mm'), 'HH:mm').format('x');
    // Times in milliseconds
    const timesInMillis = => +Moment(t, 'HH:mm').format('x')); // => +moment(t, "HH:mm").format("x"));

    function closestTime(arr: any, time: any) {
      return arr.reduce(function(prev: any, curr: any) {
        return Math.abs(curr - time) < Math.abs(prev - time) ? curr : prev;
    const closest = Moment(closestTime(timesInMillis, now)).format('HH:mm');
    return closest;

let’s pretend DataManager.ListaFechaCita is the array of dates


You can get the delta of your time with the time value from times array and then return the value which is positive.

const times = [ '11: 41', '14: 20', '15: 30', '22: 05', '23: 16'];
const compareTime = moment('15:31', 'hh:mm');
const closestTime = times.find((time) => {
  const diff = moment(time, 'hh:mm').diff(compareTime, 'minutes');
  return diff >= 0;
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