How do i write a conditional for the possibility of an empty array

I have a users list that im mapping over in a little side bar. Theres a possiblity that there can be no users. So I would like the side bar to say none if theres no users. I tried the below method but it seems like its still registering the user, even if its 0. I’ve tried (user === null) and (user.length < 1) but just cant seem to get it.

{ => {
  if (!user) {
    return <h5>none</h5>;
  } else {
    return (
          style={{ textDecoration: "none"}}


Check if the array length is greater than 0: if so, display the list, otherwise display “none”

You can do this with a simple ternary operator:

condition ? truthy : falsey
{usersList.length > 0 ? ( => (
    <h5 key={user}>
      <Link to={`/user/${user}`} style={{ textDecoration: "none" }}>
) : (