How do you disable a button after 5 seconds (discord.js)

I’m not very familiar with discord.js buttons and need help disabling a button after 5 seconds to avoid spam but I don’t know how. Here is my code:

const newEmbed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
  .setDescription("Page 1 of 2")
    {name: '!jn help', value: 'This command'},
    {name: '!jn ping', value: 'Ping the bot.'},
    {name: '!jn coinflip', value: 'Flip a coin :D'},
    {name: '!jn amiadmin', value: 'Are you an admin? We can see!'}
  .setFooter('Need more help? Join the support discord server.')

const row = new Discord.MessageActionRow()
    new Discord.MessageButton()
  );{embeds: [newEmbed], components: [row]});

setTimeout(function () {
}, 5000);

When I try, it doesn’t output any errors. I think I’m just missing something. Can someone help me?


You’re on the right track – you’ve done the first step, which is to change the button to be disabled after 5 seconds locally, but now you need to edit your message to reflect those changes online.

First, you have to store your sent message in a variable:

const sentMessage = await{ embeds: [newEmbed], components: [row] });

Then, in your setTimeout, you can edit the sentMessage like Dregg said in his comment:

// After you disable the button
sentMessage.edit({ embeds: [newEmbed], components: [row] });