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I have functions to save and load variables to LocalStorage. When I retrieve them, they behave like strings. How can I simply convert these strings to ints/floats, so that I can perform mathematical operations on them.

My save and load functions are below.

function saveVars() {
    localStorage.setItem('moneyAdd', moneyAdd);
    localStorage.setItem('money', money);
    localStorage.setItem('crystals', crystals);
    localStorage.setItem('wood', rsword);
    localStorage.setItem('metal', metal);
    localStorage.setItem('sword', sword);
    localStorage.setItem('rsword', rsword);
    localStorage.setItem('hasAnvil', hasAnvil);

function loadVars() {
    moneyAdd = localStorage.getItem('moneyAdd');
    money = localStorage.getItem('money');
    crystals = localStorage.getItem('crystals');
    wood = localStorage.getItem('wood');
    metal = localStorage.getItem('metal');
    sword = localStorage.getItem('sword');
    rsword = localStorage.getItem('rsword');
    hasAnvil = localStorage.getItem('hasAnvil');


You are dealing with strings, localStorage would always return a string, so ‘1’ + 1 would be 11. You would need to convert the string to number, boolean, etc.

Maybe have a change in loadVars() like:

function loadVars() {
    moneyAdd = +localStorage.getItem('moneyAdd');
    money = +localStorage.getItem('money');
    crystals = +localStorage.getItem('crystals');
    wood = +localStorage.getItem('wood');
    metal = +localStorage.getItem('metal');
    sword = +localStorage.getItem('sword');
    rsword = +localStorage.getItem('rsword');
    hasAnvil = localStorage.getItem('hasAnvil') === 'true'
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