How to find out which ecosystem.json file is used to start a process in pm2

I have a bunch of processes started by PM2 on a server. pm2 list shows this:

enter image description here

I’m sure that each of them is started with an ecosystem config file. What I want to know is that what pm2 ecosystem config file is used to start for example process with the id 62 and the ecosystem config file path.

So is there any pm2 command for that?


Well, you can differ processes by app name (so you should set unique name in each ecosystem config file) or you can use a NODE_APP_INSTANCE variable to differ processes in cluster.


There is no way how to find specific ecosystem file but you can use pm2 describe [processID/name] to find directory where was pm2 start executed (exec cwd parameter). If there is more ecosystem files than 1 you can differ processes only by name.