How to get WebRTC experimentals stats

I am trying to get some statistics about a WebRTC live stream.

On chrome://webrtc-internals I am able to see some statistics marked experimental (with a *), that I can not find using getStats method.
That includes freezeCount, pauseCount, totalFreezesDuration, totalPausesDuration, totalFramesDuration, sumOfSquaredFramesDuration

Do you know how to get those statistics using JavaScript ?

Note: I found this W3 draft of a potential specification that describe those statistics, but cannot find any example on the web.

Note: I am using Google Chrome

Note: According to this commit, those metrics where introduce in February 2019 so quite long ago…


These values are not available to Javascript/getStats because they’re not standardized. If you consider them useful, file an issue on and provide a compelling use-case.